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Malibu hero
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The co-founders of beauty site live for button-downs, denim shorts, booties (and a fully stocked makeup bag).

“Blending is my cardio.” “The only drama I like is in my lashes.” “I like my money right where I can see it. In my makeup bag.” Head to luxury beauty site Vainite’s Instagram, and you’ll find the above quotes, begging to be regrammed, and loads more makeup inspiration, from a #tbt Cindy Crawford photo to a cropped-in shot of Adele’s covetable cat-eye. It’s this type of branding and personality that has shot the site—and its three founders—into the the spotlight recently. After a private, invite-only beta launch in February, Vainite is hitting its stride, offering up skincare and cosmetics filtered to a user’s preferences (fair complexion? dry skin?) that’s curated from the in-house team or tastemakers and only available for four days.

That in-house team consists of beauty editor Sarah Howard, designer Minnie Mortimer, and publicist Bryn Kenny. Howard and Mortimer walked The Mile with us, revealing that Malibu is their favorite spot of all time, mainly because Howard remembers skipping school to head to the beach town to hang out with the resident surfer boys, while Mortimer, a New York transplant, landed in Malibu when she first moved to the West Coast. Now, with a business and family in the mix, the two still live nearby and stop off for lunch or shopping on a regular basis. Here, they reveal what they love about the area and their quintessential Malibu wardrobe.

Sarah strip 1

My (Sarah) Malibu connection: I was raised in LA and growing up, I would skip school and drive to the beach. I had a thing for surfers.

I always bring: Friends or New Yorkers visiting (they love Nobu on the beach).

My Malibu uniform consists of: Jean shorts, a button-down shirt (usually denim), and booties, or an easy hobo dress. If I’m going to the actual beach, a bikini, sarong, and flip-flops. And always a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen! I’m crazy about having the sun on my face.

Malibu style in four words or less: Comfy, casual, cute, chill.

Versus my own: Similar—except I don’t wear sweatpants in public. 

My favorite hidden spot: Malibu Mutt's. The best place for a veggie burger. The secret sauce is addicting.

Favorite fashion piece I’ve brought home from Malibu: My Planet Blue dress—super simple and transitions from day-to-night effortlessly.

My one beauty must-have: Mascara, tinted moisturizer, eye cream, spf, and tinted lip balm (That’s five, I know, but all are must-have!)

When I travel, I always pack too many: Beauty products!

No matter where I'm traveling, I always bring my: Makeup bag, filled to the brim with color cosmetics and skincare products. I like variety!

Minnie strip

I (Minnie) love Malibu because . . . When I moved to the West Coast almost 10 years ago, the first place I lived was a Malibu beach house. The stairs from my back door lead right down to the ocean. It was quite the change from New York, but I fell instantly head over heels for the town. 

I always bring: Friends or New Yorkers visiting (they love Nobu on the beach).

I go with: My husband, my children; I head to the beach with my surf buddies, hike with my friends, and always bring the out-of-towners when they’re visiting. 

My Malibu uniform consists of: Sun dresses, bikinis, flats. One of the things I love about Malibu is how casual it remains.

Malibu style in four words or less: Youthful, breezy, relaxed, anachronistic.

My favorite hidden spot: Corral Canyon. Jim Morrison’s painted cave

The best thing I’ve ever bought in Malibu: a LeTarte bikini.

My one travel beauty must-have: Josie Maran color stick. Cheeks, lips, and even eyes. 

When I travel, I . . . Never pack enough and often end up shopping. I’m perpetually terrified of being weighed down. 

No matter where I'm traveling, I always bring my: Cosmetics case! 

Shop Minnie and Sarah's Malibu must-haves, below:

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